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Chair of Programming Languages and Systems

The Chair of Programming Languages and Systems is responsible for the undergraduate programming courses at the University of Tartu and conducts MOOCs to teach programming to the wider public. The chair is headed by Prof. Varmo Vene. Research is organized around the following themes:

MOOCs and Educational Technology

Exploring the effectiveness of different educational technologies, such as flipped classrooms, educational software, automated assessment, as well as exploring conceptual models of learning and motivation.

  • Piret Luik
  • Rein Prank
  • Marina Lepp
  • Reelika Suviste
  • Eno Tõnisson
  • Lidia Feklistova
  • Anne Villems
  • Mirjam Paales
  • Tauno Palts
  • Merilin Säde
  • Heilo Altin
  • Kaspar Papli
  • Carita Hommik
  • Marika Reinmets

Programming, Logic, and Semantics

Concerned with finding better ways to write and understand programs, developing tools and IDEs that facilitate and automate software engineering and reduce software vulnerability.

  • Varmo Vene
  • Härmel Nestra
  • Ahti Peder
  • Tõnu Tamme
  • Aivar Annamaa
  • Kalmer Apinis
  • Vesal Vojdani

Computational Mathematics and Modelling

  • Helle Hein
  • Reimo Palm
  • Vambola Leping
  • Ljubov Jaanuska
  • Jaan Janno
  • Lauri Rätsep