PLAS Seminars

The seminars are open for anyone interested to attend.

  • Time: Thursdays at 15:15 (except where otherwise noted!)
  • Place: Liivi 2-225.


DateTopicAdditional Info / Links
16.03.2017Initial meetingKüsitlus
23.03.2017 Institute seminar: Anna Leontjeva
30.03.2017 Institute seminar: Alisa Pankova
06.04.2017Vesal Vojdani: Research AgendaHacker-Proof Code Confirmed
13.04.2017Aivar Annamaa: Thonny
20.04.2017Kalmer Apinis: Bytecode Analysis 
27.04.2017Hele-Andra Kuulmets: Tüübiklassid ScalasCats
04.05.2017Thesis reviewsSheet (request access)
11.05.2017Marina Lepp: MOOC research, part IMOOC research group
18.05.2017Eno Tõnission: MOOC research, part II 
25.05.2017Liisi Kerik: Sõltuvad tüübid 
01.06.2017Härmel Nestra: Indenteeritud keelte parsimine 

If you are interested in giving a talk, please email Vesal with your proposed talk idea.